About us: aquapost.in is a daily news service covering fisheries, aquaculture and seafood processing sectors in India and around the world.  The main idea to launch this news portal is to bridge the yawning gaps between the scientists, industry and the farming community by providing quality and authentic information.

AQUA POST, is the sister concern of SMART AGRIPOST, a leading magazine covering agriculture and allied sectors. Both brands are managed by P2C Communications which is founded by Mr Pravash Pradhan, a Senior Journalist-cum-Entrepreneur. Mr Pradhan has vast experience of more than 18 years in journalism and mass communication.

 AQUA POST covers a variety of scientific and popular articles in the field of fisheries, aquaculture and seafood processing sectors and disseminates the same among the key stakeholders including farmers, fishers, companies, scientists, students, entrepreneurs, institutions, exporters, processors, traders, distributors, cooperatives and government executives.

If you want to know more about us, please write to us at aquapostnews@gmail.com.

Our Team

Mr Pravash Pradhan
Chief Editor

Advisory Board

Dr Dilip Kumar
Former Vice Chancellor & Director, CIFE